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chickens raised by our family farm partners


family farm partners


paid to family farm partners

In 2019, Pilgrim’s partnered with more than 4,900 U.S., Puerto Rican, Mexican and European family farm partners, paying them more than $1.3 billion to raise our chickens. In the U.S., we do not own poultry facilities, but work in partnership with family farmers to whom we also provide poultry and feed, as well as technical and veterinary services. In Europe and Mexico, we own poultry facilities, in addition to working with family farmers. Our family farm partners maintain Pilgrim’s standards of excellence. We define a “family farm” as any farm organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership or family corporation where the majority of the business is owned and controlled by a person and his or her relatives.

Last year, our family farm partners raised more than 2.3 billion chickens according to our Animal Welfare Program. We audit a select subset of our U.S. family farm partners according to the Animal Welfare Program requirements, conducted by internal Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organizations (PAACO) certified team members and external, third-party auditors.

In Mexico, every farm is audited in compliance with Mexican government standards, including Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), Mexico-United States Commission for the Prevention of Diseases and Other Exotic Animal Diseases (CPA),  Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), Ministry of the Environment and Natural resources (SEMARNAT) and State Civil Protection.

In Europe, all poultry farms are Red Tractor approved, and our farms meet or exceed the Red Tractor or equivalent welfare standards. Farms are audited by independent, approved certification bodies. In addition, for purchased meats, Pilgrim’s Moy Park operates under a Policy for Supply Chain Assurance, ensuring that meat products come from approved suppliers who at a minimum meet the Red Tractor or another equivalent standard.

Pilgrim’s Moy Park has also established a Responsible Sourcing Soy Policy for the soy feed given to our chickens. While deforestation and responsible sourcing of soy continues to be an evolving issue, Pilgrim’s Moy Park believes that maintaining a policy is an important and valuable tool that helps drive progress toward our broader sustainability objectives. Additionally, this initiative is crucial as we build trust among our customers, team members, investors and other stakeholders. Ultimately this strengthens our credibility as a responsible organization committed to developing our business in a sustainable and ethical way. We also continue to enhance and develop our Responsible Sourcing agenda and work diligently with our supply chain partners to increase transparency in sourcing practices. This is especially important around the use of deforestation-free soy in the supply chain of the feed for our chickens and in our products.

Pilgrim’s serves a broad customer base that requires diverse types of the chicken products. To meet these requests, we have branded poultry products that have varying requirements and certifications to meet our compliance standards.

Branded Chicken Program Requirements

Programs Program Requirements
Just Bare Natural
  • Farm has passed the American Humane Certified™ Farm Program assessment based on a list of more than 200 standards unique to chickens
  • Chickens have been fed 100% vegetable and grain-based diet
  • Chickens have never been given antibiotics
Just Bare Organic
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Chickens have been fed 100% vegetable and grain-based diet
  • Chickens have never been given antibiotics
Gold'n Plump
  • Chickens have never been given antibiotics
Linea Selecto
  • Chickens have been fed 100% vegetable and grain-based diet
  • Chickens have never been given antibiotics