2019 Key Facts and Figures


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farm partners


farm partners

Pork Suppliers

In 2019, Pilgrim’s Tulip sourced more than 2.9 million hogs from 930 farm partners, paying them more than $351.7 million. Approximately 50% of our hogs are sourced from our integrated supply chain.

Our hogs are raised in accordance with the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the Red Tractor or the Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) standards. Certification and third-party audits according to these standards are required to sell hogs to Tulip production facilities. In a privately commissioned, standalone assessment, Tulip was awarded the highest rating, Tier 1, for its animal welfare standards, within the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) category. In addition, Tulip is a signatory to the Cerrado Manifesto, and a member of the UK Roundtable for Sustainable Soy. Finally, soya sourced to feed Tulip-owned, high welfare pigs is certified by the Roundtable for Responsible Soy.

Lamb Suppliers

In 2019, Pilgrim’s Tulip processed 246,500 lambs from 450 family farm partners for more than $10.8 million. Pilgrim’s Tulip provides the only fully dedicated lamb supply chain in the U.K., partnering with our network of 450 dedicated sheep farmers – some of these partners have been with us for over 25 years. Our farmer partners are located in Wales and West Country of England. These regions are renowned for their grass conditions, making them an ideal location for extensive lamb production.

All Pilgrim’s Tulip lamb producers are Farm Assured and raise lambs according to our higher-than-industry standards. Our standards are independently audited and approved by Farm Assurance Assessors. Our lamb producer partners also complete a Responsible Efficient Production Assessment biannually. This assessment evaluates the farm’s production, health, welfare and environmental standards.

Pilgrim’s Tulip sources two specific breeds of sheep, Dorset and Abervale. Dorset is preferred as they naturally breed year-round, enabling us to organically raise enough lambs to meet customer demand, year-round. Whereas Abervale rams are classified as Guaranteed Tender and are selected based on muscle density.

Beef Suppliers

Our Pilgrim’s Moy Park Orléans business purchases beef for further processing. They only source beef from approved suppliers that are audited annually for food safety and animal welfare. They also developed contracting initiatives with French beef farmer associations to ensure available supply. In a declining French cattle market, this provides farmers an alternative to an otherwise volatile and uncertain market. This program has the following attributes:

  • Ensures Pilgrim’s Moy Park Beef Orléans a supply of available animals
  • Provides a set price, independent of market fluctuations, to improve economic efficiency and income security for all, including partner farmers
  • Requires farmers have a market and a medium- to long-term production plan
  • Enhances production of cattle from farms that meet the Charter of Good Breeding Practices

Pilgrim’s Moy Park Beef Orléans also encourages its suppliers to purchase cattle from farms involved in Charte des Bonnes Pratiques d’élevage (Good Farming Practices) agreement. The Good Farming Practices, established by the National Livestock Confederation (CNE), is the approved industry standard. Meat from the Netherlands and Ireland also meet requirements set out by the Good Farming Practices. This contributes to making sure 100% of our 1,600 contracted farm partners are audited for animal welfare and environmental performance.