On behalf of the global Pilgrim’s family, I am excited to present the 2019 Pilgrim’s Sustainability Report – Feeding Our Future. Pilgrim’s is known as one of the world’s leading providers of poultry, retail-ready and prepared foods. We want to be equally recognized for our commitments to safety and sustainability. As proud as we are to make high-quality food that millions of people put on their plates every day, it’s just as important that we do so in ways that meet the expectations of our stakeholders, customers, consumers and the communities we call home.  

We made significant progress toward our sustainability goals in 2019. Thanks to the dedication of the global Pilgrim’s family—our family farm partners, suppliers and more than 58,000 team members in France, England, Mexico, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico and the United States—we advanced in all but one of our priority areas. Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in water-use intensity since 2015, but we are working diligently to improve and sustainably reduce our water-use.  

Here’s a snapshot of our progress against key goals:

Our Goal:  Improve our Safety Index Score – which measures team member health and safety – by 15% every year between 2015 and 2020
2019 Update:  We exceeded this goal, with a 37% improvement from 2018 to 2019

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce electricity-use intensity by 12%
2019 Update:  We’ve reduced electricity-use intensity by 9% since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce natural gas-use intensity by 14%
2019 Update:  We’ve reduced natural gas-use intensity by 11% since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce GHG emission intensity by 14%
2019 Update:  We’ve already met this goal, with a 14% reduction of GHG emission intensity since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce water-use intensity by 10%
2019 Update:  We increased water-use intensity by 8% since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Score 90% or better on Pilgrim’s Animal Health and Welfare Scorecard in our processing facilities, and 95% or better in our live operations
2019 Update:  We’re on track to meet this goal

Supplier Goal:  100% of our suppliers agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct
Progress:  We’re on track to meet this goal

While we are excited about our accomplishments in 2019, we have recently faced an unprecedented challenge in coronavirus. Our global teams have worked tirelessly to provide a safe working environment for our team members who are providing food for their families, neighbors, countries and the world. It has been an honor to serve alongside our team as we have faced this crisis with passion, commitment and purpose.  

At Pilgrim’s, we are not only focused on today, but on sustainably feeding our future. We are confident our culture and values will continue to guide us on our journey to become the best and most respected company in our industry, creating the opportunity of a better future for our team members. 

We thank you for your support and look forward to keeping you updated on our progress. 

Fabio Sandri

Fabio Sandri

Interim President and CEO, Pilgrim’s