2019 Pilgrim's Sustainability Report

Feeding Our Future

Pilgrim’s is known as one of the world’s leading providers of poultry, retail-ready and prepared foods. As proud as we are to make high-quality food that millions of people put on their plates every day, it’s just as important that we do so in ways that meet the expectations of our stakeholders, customers, consumers and the communities we call home. 

We believe sustainability involves improving short- and long-term profitability by managing economic, social and environmental factors, and we have adopted the three traditional pillars of sustainability, which guide our sustainability program:

Social Responsibility
Economic Viability
Environmental Stewardship


Team Member Health and Safety

Improve the Pilgrim’s Safety Index by 15% year over year

Goal Completion 100%

We’ve achieved a 37% improvement.


Reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity by 14%

Goal Completion 100%

We’ve met our goal with a 14% decrease.


Reduce natural gas use intensity by 17%

Goal Completion 65%

We’ve achieved an 11% reduction.


Reduce electricity use intensity by 12%

Goal Completion 92%

We’ve decreased electricity use intensity by 9%.


Reduce water use intensity by 10%

Goal Completion 0%

Our water use intensity has increased 8%.

Animal Welfare

Achieve a 90% or better on our Animal Health and Welfare Scorecard for all processing plants

On Track

We are on track to achieve this goal.

Animal Welfare

Achieve a 95% or better on our Animal Health and Welfare Scorecard for our live operations

On Track

We are on track to achieve this goal.

Supply Chain

Ensure 100% of our suppliers agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct

On Track

We are on track to achieve this goal.

2020 goals are set for our U.S. facilities

Approach and Progress

  1. A Message from our President and CEO

    It’s been an exciting year for Pilgrim’s and our sustainability progress. Read highlights from 2019 to learn how we’re positively impacting families around the globe.

  2. 01/08

    Who We Are

    As a leading food company, Pilgrim’s has provided wholesome, high-quality food products to customers and consumers for more than seven decades.

  3. 02/08

    Team Members

    The success of our company starts with our people. We focus on providing a safe and well-managed workplace that presents the best opportunities for our team members to thrive.

  4. 03/08

    Customers and

    We produce safe, nutritious, healthy, high-quality food products for consumers around the globe. We are proud to provide choices that meet nutritional needs and ethical expectations.

  5. 04/08


    We’re committed to helping society meet the challenge of sustainability in a responsible manner by improving the efficiency of our operations and minimizing our environmental footprint.

  6. 05/08

    Animal Care

    Animal welfare is embedded in the framework of our culture. Our business begins with the well-being of our livestock and poultry, and we are dedicated to ensuring their humane treatment, handling and slaughter. 

  7. 06/08


    We have a long history of partnering with non-profit organizations in local communities, and each of our facilities encourages its team members to be active stewards of their community.

  8. 07/08


    Our vendors are part of Pilgrim’s supply chain and contribute to our overall sustainability. We work with farm partners of all sizes to ensure the highest quality products.

  9. 08/08

    About This Report

    The goal of our Sustainability Report is to provide a transparent account of our sustainability management approach and performance. We prepared this report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and G4 guidelines.

Our Stories

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